I’d Lie If I Could

I’d Lie If I Could

By Ashley Twigg

I’d Lie If I Could tells one girl’s tales of life, love, and lessons learned. From the ugly duckling stages of her youth, to kissing her way through her teens, and overcoming the hell of heartbreak in adulthood, Ashley has a story for it all. While the lucky ones handle these instances with poise and grace, Ashley proves that even the awkward ones can survive, one drink and a few good friends at a time. She promises candid stories, a 20-somethings pearls of wisdom, and a lot of laughs along the way. If she can make it, so can you.

About Ashley Twigg
Traveling event planner, Writes about life, love, and the hot mess happenings of a 20-something. To view her latest rants follower her at @aatwigg or visit her site here.
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