i won’t be happy until the sun is unhappy

i won’t be happy until the sun is unhappy

By Calvero

A talking house that dreams of seeing the Pacific, a bakery that only sells poetry, a boy made entirely out of ground beef who sits alone in McDonald’s and contemplates the complexities of life. The places you go and the people you meet in Calvero’s collection of stories, i won’t be happy until the sun is unhappy, are not unlike the adventures and characters you and your imaginary friend used to come across back when you were a little kid. Surreal, off-center and playfully sophomoric, these prose pieces will lead you to believe you’re being taken one direction, headed for a certain destination, only to drop you off at another you never expected. But it’s okay because you like it there. It’s warm and sunny there. And free beer is served. And, for a moment, you’ll be so happy you won’t even care if the sun is unhappy or not.

About Calvero
Writer/crazy cat guy extraordinaire. Calvero writes frequently and when he isn't writing he is more often than not eating Taco Bell, daydreaming about hunting ghosts, daydreaming about Taco Bell when he's not eating Taco Bell, working...
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