How You’ll Do Everything, According To Your Love Language

How You’ll Do Everything, According To Your Love Language

By Mélanie Berliet & Chrissy Stockton

The truth is that we don’t all give and receive love in the same ways. While some of us crave affection more than anything, others value spending time together above all, and still others respond best to heartfelt compliments. Thanks to expert Gary Chapman, we know there are five main love languages: physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and receiving gifts. This book is for everyone interested in building and maintaining happy, healthy relationships through understanding their love language and their partner’s even better.

About Mélanie Berliet & Chrissy Stockton
Chrissy Stockton and Mélanie Berliet are love language enthusiasts. Together, they lead the editorial team at Thought Catalog, where they write and produce content on all sorts of enticing subjects, including love, sex, relationships,...
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