How to Date Better

How to Dateย Better

Finding, Friending, Hooking Up, Breaking Up, and Falling in Love in the 21st Century

By Ella Ceron

Itโ€™s 2014 and being in any kind of romantic relationship — defined, undefined, or unrefined — is tough. Online dating and hook-up culture, Tinder and Snapchat, Friends with Benefits and Missed Connections. Our modern dating landscape doesn’t look like anything that’s come before, and we’re the brave explorers trying to make sense of it. This collection of practical advice tells you how to do it better. More freedom and less drama. More fun and less guilt. More connection and less loneliness. From the “Ugly Truths about Dating” to “Why Modern Dating is Better.” From the “Things Men Will Always Find Attractive in Women” to “Ways to Know You’re With the Wrong Guy.” From “Advice for the Awkward Dater” to your new go-to questionnaire: “50 Questions to Ask Your Crush to See if They’re Right for You.” This is your map to the modern dating landscape, a practical guide to finding, friending, hooking up, breaking up and falling in love in the 21st century.

About Ella Ceron
Ella Ceron is a writer from Los Angeles, now living in Manhattan. She tweets at @ellaceron.
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