How To Be An Introvert

How To Be An Introvert

By Thought Catalog

You’re the “quiet one,” the “shy one,” the “homebody”—you’re the introvert. You’ve been tumblr-ed to death and are constantly being depicted as someone with a blanket over your head watching Netflix for 72 hours straight.

But you are so much more than that. You’re deep and complex, layered and introspective. You’re an old soul and on top of everything, you’re 100% unique.

This collection dives into the deep sea of what it actually means to have an introverted personality. With essays by Ari Eastman, Chrissy Stockton, Brianna Wiest and more, ‘How To Be An Introvert’ deals with life, love, and everything in between from the perspective of an introvert. Its pages open and explore the intricate world of what it truly means to be an introvert and why being one is undeniably magical.

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