How to be Adorkable, and Other 20-Something Concerns

How to be Adorkable, and Other 20-Something Concerns

By Ella Ceron

The late-blooming 20-something is a creature typically found tucked into coffee shops with a secondhand book, overlarge frames perched upon their nose. Their love for fantasy novels and Disney movies knows no bounds, and their ability to geek out about the most niche movements is legendary. They were never cool in high school, always a little too loud, always a little unsure, always a little weird — but paradoxically always the ones who knew most what they liked and were not shy about it. Now in their fledgling adulthood, they must navigate those tricky waters known as growing old. (But they’ll never have to grow up.) Ella Ceron’s 20s are a volley of Harry Potter books, running marathons, almost-but-not-quite relationships, taking risks, entry-level jobs, too many tattoos peeking through bargain J.Crew sweaters, walk-up apartments, and a cat who only deigns to share the bed sometimes. In her Best Of collection for Thought Catalog, she provides a field guide in the art of adorkability.

About Ella Ceron
Ella Ceron is a writer from Los Angeles, now living in Manhattan. She tweets at @ellaceron.
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