Hands Dabbled in Blood

Hands Dabbled inΒ Blood

By Benjamin Welton

Due to the chaotic nature of the world during the turn of the twentieth century, literature (and culture more generally) responded to and actually instigated a pervasive sense of global revolution. This meant revolution in manners, politics, economics, science, religion, and a whole host of former cultural monoliths. And while it is easy to see and observe a split between the literary forces of conservatism and those of radicalism, the truth is much harder to clarify. Hands Dabbled in Blood not only explores the multifaceted faces of both popular and β€œhigh-brow” literature during this period, it also charts the ways in which Great Britain and British literature articulated this pervasive sense of widespread and seemingly inevitable revolution.

About Benjamin Welton
The product of northern West Virginia's identity complex, Benjamin Welton is a freelance writer, critic, author, and poet whose work has appeared in such publications as Vantage Point,Ravenous Monster, Schlock!, Death Throes, and...
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