Growing Up With Girl Parts

Growing Up With Girl Parts

A Collection of Essays on Being a Woman

By Tatiana Pérez

When you’re born with a vagina and a set of boobs, life can be complicated.

In this intoxicating collection of essays, writer and college senior Tatiana Pérez explores the complexities of womanhood. From struggling to love her body to putting up with bad sex—Tati writes about it all with shameless candor and a raunchy sense of humor that won’t quit. Boys are welcome to read along, but this one’s #forthegirls.

About Tatiana Pérez
Tati writes about the complexities of girlhood, including (but not limited to) having a vagina and a set of boobs. Her likes often include tanning, Snapchat, her little brother, and her name. She apologizes to her parents for her...
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