Grow Up: A Collection of Short Stories

Grow Up: A Collection of Short Stories

By Taryn Renay

Grow Up is a compilation of five short stories Taryn wrote for her fiction workshop classes and was used as a means to escape a mostly unpleasant college experience. “Weighted Words” was the first story she wrote at Emerson, and the earliest draft was written while she was hungover for the first time in her life. She has written sober since. Grow Up is a homage to navigating the dating world as a young adult, which Mike Heppner, author of The Egg Code and Pike’s Folly, describes as “distinctive, funny, and shrewd.”

About Taryn Renay
storytaryn is an independent writer currently residing in Connecticut. Since Grow Up's release in 2014, storytaryn has developed food sensitivities and has become clear on how she doesn't want to live her life. She can be seen dancing...
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