From the Obscenely Strange Case Files of Dead Things Mikey

From the Obscenely Strange Case Files of Dead Things Mikey

VOLUME 1: The Presumptuous Subtitle

By Joel Farrelly

Hidden away in New Orleans’ exclusive Garden District is the home and headquarters of the man known as “Dead Things Mikey:” Collector of haunted artifacts, connoisseur of the macabre, and expert on every bump in the night. To describe Mikey in his own words, he is “the world’s only gay, libertarian ghost whisperer.”

His card says “paranormal tech support” and his rate isn’t cheap. But if you’re an oil baron and your operation just awoke a dormant Kraken in the Gulf of Mexico or you’re an Internet porn tycoon who simply wants to stop receiving dismembered bodies via a fleet of mysterious delivery drones, then Dead Things Mikey is your best bet.

From the creepy weirdo behind the “Memoirs of a Cam-Girl” series comes a story that horror author Sean Seebach (Our Monsters Are Real) calls “The demented offspring of H.P. Lovecraft and Chris Carter. […] At points truly disturbing, and yet an absolute joy to read.”

About Joel Farrelly
When Joel isn't writing creepy-ass short stories, he can be found scripting and acting in subversive comedy sketches on YouTube like this one and this one (HINT: he's the one with the prettiest hair.) His work has also appeared on the...
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