Final Sky

Final Sky

By Elias Witherow

The world of Tectonic is dying. A mysterious disease known as Rockflesh is rapidly spreading throughout the lands, turning men into monsters. Humanity seeks answers in an existence that’s barely surviving. At the base of such mysteries lies The Chain, a massive construct that holds the world suspended above the Void. Some believe the Creator holds the end of the anomaly. Others doubt. Liam, a mercenary leading a small group of warriors, is hired to take a stranger named Rezin to The Chain. The task is daunting and surrounded by questions, but these are desperate times. When their journey begins, a rumor of a madman spreads—a man named Desmond who seeks to destroy The Chain and plunge the world into the Void below. As Liam and his small group battle through the nightmare-plagued lands, the answers to Tectonic’s mysteries begin to unravel. Who is Desmond? Why is he so hellbent on severing the world from its stem? What caused the disease known as Rockflesh? And what’s really up there, past The Chain, beyond the rolling ceiling of cloud?

About Elias Witherow
ELIAS WITHEROW lives in New England and can usually be found muttering to himself and staring blankly out a window. Having written over sixty short stories and six novels, Elias hopes to continue to provide horrific entertainment to his...
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