Everything is Embarrassing

Everything is Embarrassing

A Memoir About the Times I Outed Myself, and Other Cringeworthy Moments

By Shawn Binder

Some people may consider joy or love to be the strongest emotion there is, but think back to the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever experienced and chances are the same gut-punch feeling you had when it happened will come flooding back to you. In this collection of essays, Thought Catalog writer Shawn Binder attempts to capture his most poignant and hilarious embarrassing stories. Starting from his childhood, he’ll take you through his journey of pulling out his eyelashes, to the first time he fell in love, to the time he realized just how terrible it is to vomit on the Chicago Red Line at midnight. These essays are grounded in the human experience and, although light in tone, touch on serious topics such as mortality and parenthood. Everything Is Embarrassing is a love letter written for all the people who have ever farted in front of their crush, or tripped in front of a crowd of bullies.

About Shawn Binder
Shawn Binder is a writer for Thought Catalog. His e-book all about the shocking times he's made a fool out of himself Everything Is Embarrassing is out this Spring with Thought Catalog Books and he is 90% sure he owns more beanies than...
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