Don’t Tell My Mom

Don’t Tell My Mom

By Carrie Wittmer

If a non-murdery psychopath wrote a book on a computer instead of writing all over walls or lining up text cut out from magazines, you’d have Don’t Tell My Mom. A collection of essays, lists, and indescribable babbles that have nothing to do with each other except that the author does not want her mom to read them. Finally embracing the more uncomfortable vibes of her personality, the author digs deep into her obsessions, mistakes, and every day thoughts about things including Mad Men, sex, hopes, fears, and icicle murders. Don’t Tell My Mom was compiled with the intention to make readers laugh, but don’t feel bad if you read it and hope your well spent money went to therapy sessions for the author.

About Carrie Wittmer
Carrie is a writer and shark sympathizer. You can read her important thoughts about things like cheese and Don Draper on her blog Follow her on Twitter @carriesnotscary.
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