Does This Bible Belt Make Me Look Gay?

Does This Bible Belt Make Me Look Gay?

By Krista Doyle

Krista Doyle grew up in a small town in Louisiana where everyone was a gossip and a devout church goer. She attended church every Sunday where she listened to her grandfather preach from the stage, where she sang hymns from the audience as her mother led the choir, and where she was strictly taught that everything was black and white, right and wrong. So—how was Krista to cope with being a lesbian?

Does this Bible Belt Make Me Look Gay? is Krista’s retelling of her journey from her straight-and-narrow childhood in small-town Louisiana to her rough-and-tumble adulthood, spent mostly in the glittery land of Los Angeles where she found God at the Cheesecake Factory and shed countless tears at lesbian bars because a stranger attacked her with an unwanted kiss (it was only her second time kissing a woman!).

It’s a brief, honest, and clever memoir penned in the hopes that the author’s story might provide comfort and insight to those suffering through similar situations—to those wondering if God had just made them “incorrectly,” as Krista once questioned herself.

About Krista Doyle
Krista Doyle is the opposite of vegan, fancies herself a member of most boy bands, and spends way too much time on,, Instagram, and Other words she has written can be found...
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