Death Of A Good Job

Death Of A Good Job

By Matthew Newton

While on vacation in the Pennsylvania mountains with his wife and three-year-old son, Matthew Newton receives a voice mail from his employer. “Please call back as soon as you can,” says the man’s voice on the message. When Matthew returns the call he learns that he no longer has a job. And by the time he hangs up, a new reality has emerged: Life without work. As Matthew frets about survival and the next best steps for his family, he also discovers that he doesn’t miss the job that he just lost. In fact, the news of his layoff is accompanied by an overwhelming sense of relief. As the months of unemployment wear on, however, Matthew also learns that it’s difficult to build a better future while dwelling on the misfortune of the past.

About Matthew Newton
Matthew Newton is a writer and journalist from Western Pennsylvania. He has written essays, many about class and culture, for The Rumpus, Colorlines, and Thought Catalog and his reporting has been published by The Atlantic, Esquire,...
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