Dear: Your Name Here

Dear: Your Name Here

By Gully Zucca

This book is an epistolary–letters from a boy to a girl about an ugly long distance break up. These sentences, together, make a point, tell a story, and express the deepest of feelings. Writing provides a physical piece of thought; it translates the neurotic current into something that can be shared, even with yourself when the thought has been long forgotten.

Follow the month long emotional roller coaster ride of a hopeless romantic from break up to finality. Breaking up is something everyone can relate to, whether it was your idea or not. Find a piece of yourself in this story and grow. Remember why you shouldn’t be missing someone that lingers in your thoughts. Realize how much your actions affect others even when you feel insignificant. Share it with someone in a letter.

About Gully Zucca
I am a Graduate student 821 miles from home learning about my major and life simultaneously; almost always the latter more-so. Even as a math/science guy writing is an outlet I thoroughly enjoy. I, somewhat inconsistently, keep a...
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