Cul-de-sacs, Keg Stands, and Coming of Age in the Midwest

By Melanie LaForce

Corn-Fed is a nostalgic romp through growing up in the Midwest. Poignant, humorous, and honest, Corn-Fed will take you from childhood overnight camp, to a first job at Dairy Queen, to the ultimate culmination of rich and debaucherous adult friendships. Corn-Fed follows LaForce’s growth, struggles, and exhilaration with communities of women over the course of life. Most importantly, this book contains critical references to boobs and butter.

About Melanie LaForce
Dr. Melanie LaForce was born in Northeast Ohio and currently lives in Logan Square, Chicago. In addition to her writing, LaForce is a researcher at the University of Chicago and adjunct faculty at Northwestern University. Her hobbies...
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