Citizen Sim

Citizen Sim

Cradle of the Stars

By Michael Solana

Johnny Clark is an ordinary, teenaged slacker from an ordinary family in an ordinary town. But when he wakes up on his fifteenth birthday with memories and abilities that don’t belong to him, he’s strangely compelled to build a machine that turns him invisible and erases his entire life. Now, with the help of Layla Storm, a rambunctious, teenaged girl with a taste for trouble and a secret that could end the world, he must escape demonic creatures and a lethal band of interstellar assassins as he races to uncover the extraordinary truth about his past. The duo’s only hope for survival lies in the mysterious clues left by the enigmatic Citizen Sim, a rogue hacker who will either save Johnny’s life or be his end, but not before pushing him head first into a kaleidoscopic future world that is as dazzling as it is dangerous. CITIZEN SIM: CRADLE OF THE STARS kicks off a fresh new YA sci-fi series by debut author Michael Solana, whose fully-realized space-scape of simulated reality and retro-futurism combines the best of The Matrix and Ender’s Game with a brand new voice and a breakneck pace that will keep you turning pages until the very last.

"An utterly sublime debut and a must for pop-culture fans."
Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
About Michael Solana
Michael lives in San Francisco where he writes, daydreams, and winds up on the Simulated Reality Wikipedia page far more often than is probably healthy. He tweets @micsolana.
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