Bright Lights, Twin Cities

Bright Lights, Twin Cities

A Collection of Stories from Real Minnesotans

By The Tangential

Minneapolis and St. Paul constitute the coldest major metropolitan area in the United States. Why do all those people live there, and what do they do to stay sane? 35 writers, along with nine illustrators and photographers, look at the Twin Cities—and Minnesota generally—from a range of angles: sarcastic, enthusiastic, poetic, aesthetic, historical, critical, apocryphal. Whether you’re a lifelong Minnesotan or just Gopher-curious, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll pour yourself a whiskey on the (extremely cold) rocks. From the people who brought you The Tangential and MPLSzine, Bright Lights, Twin Cities will keep you turning e-pages until you have to put your mittens back on.

About The Tangential
The Tangential is a pop culture and creative writing blog. Every day we publish writing about anything and everything, as long as it isn’t boring and doesn’t suck.
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