Bodies Of Light

Bodies Of Light

By Rob Woodcox

The corners of reality fold back as we take a dive into the creative genius of Rob Woodcox’s Bodies Of Light, a stunning collection of his most surreal work to date. Pairing his fascination of geological and human forms, witness the beauty of humans living in harmony with the world around them in this luxe art book featuring full page gallery spreads in vivid color. From pink salt flats to deep blue mountain lakes to the recesses of a burnt orange canyon, Rob’s visuals are diverse in every sense of the word. Bodies Of Light is a true dreamers paradise, compelling the viewer to examine one’s own presence on this planet, and the beauty we all have the power to access and preserve. With written excerpts channeling Rob’s inner voice of inspiration and imagination, we get an all-inclusive ticket into a world beyond our own. Hardcover, full-color photography book. 172 pages. This book is currently in production. Updates will be posted here as the release date approaches. Thank you for your support.

About Rob Woodcox
ROB WOODCOX is a fine art and fashion photographer currently splitting time between Mexico City, Los Angeles, and New York City. As he creates each piece of artwork, Rob strives to capture fragments of a vivid life sewn by the threads...
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