Best Year Ever

Best Year Ever

For When You're Ready To Stop Making Excuses And Start Having The Year (And Life) You Deserve

By Thought Catalog

It’s that time of year again. You’re bracing yourself for abandoned resolutions, the ‘same old same old’, and not feeling like anything’s really changed, right?

Well enough. of. that.

It’s time to take control of your life, your happiness, and your year and make a commitment to have the best year ever. Instead of making excuses, make change. Instead of abandoning things, commit to them. Instead of being hung up on last year, why not look forward to what’s to come?

In Best Year Ever, you’ll find inspirational essays, thought-provoking confessionals, and challenges to push you along your way towards having your most awesome year yet. It’s heart-warming, it’s motivational, and it will make you excited for the next twelve months to come.

And doesn’t that sound way more exciting than ‘same old same old’?

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