An Amateur Potpourri of a How-to Guide

By Andrew Syrios

This is a how-to guide for awesomeness, albeit told from someone who struggles to attain such a glorious ideal. The book outlines 24 different methods for improving one’s life using a variety of studies, books, concepts and good old personal experience to do so. The book highlights 5 major areas of life; productivity, conquering fear, wellness, relationships and money and provides practical steps to improve each. Examples of such awesomeness-increasing activities include speed reading, “single-tasking” instead of multitasking, minimalism, embracing mistakes and avoiding arguments. It is my sincerest hope that this book will aid its readers along the path to achieve the awesomeness each of us deserves.

About Andrew Syrios
Andrew is a real estate investor and writer living in Kansas City, MO.
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