By M.J. Orz

The devil on your shoulder has a name. He finds ways to bend your will and forces you to discover the monster that has been inside of you all along. He comes into your life as a friend by the old covered bridge, the stranger at the hospital, or a scared young man in the woods. He appears as the smiling child in the pet shop, the giggle in the abandoned cabin, or the only audience member at the most sadistic game show that never aired. No matter how he chooses to show himself to you, you know that only evil is set to follow. The little boy with the brightest blue eyes has plans for you in M.J. Orz’s new novel, Andrew.

About M.J. Orz
M.J. Orz is an author and blogger from Baltimore, MD. He currently runs and has been featured on Podcasts such as The NoSleep Podcast, Night Fears Podcasts, Mr. CreepyPasta, and The Phantom Librarian.
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