A Ph.D. Takes Your B.S. to a Whole New Level

A Ph.D. Takes Your B.S. to a Whole New Level

Survive Grad School with the Right Mentality

By Anita Chandra

This non-fiction piece describes the many facets of graduate school that most people are not aware of. Additionally, there are helpful and quirky tips for overall success. This book was not designed to provide cliché tips on how to study better or how to manage time better. It’s simply an enlightening tool that graduate students and pre-graduate students can keep close to them when they feel like they are in one big anxiety factory. Most people understand that it is beneficial to keep a positive outlook on life, but when grad school makes life even more difficult than it should be, it’s nice to have something for motivation.

About Anita Chandra
Anita H. is a medical writer from Long Island, New York. She has her master's degree in clinical nutrition and she is pursuing her PhD in business/health care administration. When she's not living and breathing health, she likes to curl...
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