Here’s How Your Insecurities Are Stopping From From Manifesting The Life You Want

Manifestation is a popular buzzword these days, with many interpreting the word to mean attracting your heart’s desires. But what about the opposite? It is an easy conclusion to believe that we are not good at manifesting things because we do not see the outcomes of our desires in a tangible form, thus we dismiss our ability to manifest.

Actually, we are always manifesting. It just may not be what we want because it may project our insecurities rather than our desires.

What Is Insecurity?

Insecurity can often be mistaken for vanity, but this is only one small part of it. Insecurity is the belief that we are not complete and are not powerful creators of our own reality. It is the premise that we need the external world, whether it be people, places, things, or circumstances, to validate our existence in this life. This is where vanity ties into it. By believing this, we give our power away.

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes have a bad day? Something did not turn out as expected, and you said, “Oh, I guess it’s just one of those days,” and then suddenly a few more things go wrong. It’s not a coincidence. It’s your belief that causes this, beginning with a thought and fueled by emotion. Have you ever had a really great day even though nothing particularly special happened, it was just that you were in a good mood? Our thought patterns, again powered by our emotions, attract our circumstances.

So, how do we open our channel to manifest our dreams? First, let’s look at identifying insecurity.

How To Recognize Insecurity

The following are some behaviors I have identified with insecurity:

Doubting when good things come your way.

Talking negatively of others/judging others/putting people down.

Trying to control the actions of others or trying to teach people a lesson.

Lying or speaking the opposite of what you truly want.

Believing there is no way out of a situation and you are “stuck.”

Holding onto the belief that what goes up must come down.

Refraining from speaking your truth or not feeling comfortable to express your true self.

Withholding information from people for fear they may “succeed” over you.

Trying to push your emotions onto other people; trying to get them to share your insecurities or sympathize with how you feel.

Waiting for things to happen to you. You are not the victim; you are the creator of your reality. Manifestation is a gentle balance between focused belief and creative action.

Blaming others, “God,” or “fate” for your circumstances.

Needing people, places, or things to feel good or in control.

Indulging in codependent distractions, such as relationships that do not serve you, substance addictions, or work situations that make you feel disempowered.

Being inconsistent with what you want or changing your mind.

How To Manifest Your Dreams

Identify what it is you want. Focus on believing you can have it. Start seeing your life in that manifestation. Attribute positive feelings toward it.

Begin to identify if you feel doubt that you can bring this into reality. Nothing is out of reach. Sit with that belief.

Visualize your manifestation from a complete place of knowing rather than from a place of need.

Trust that it will materialize, regardless of external circumstances.

Take active steps to bringing it into reality. For example, if you are seeking employment, you should apply for jobs. If you want to be a dancer, you should train your body to become a dancer, etc.

Release attachment to outcomes. This is the tricky part. Believe that the manifestation will come in any shape or form. Do not attach it to a person, place, or thing.

Begin speaking as if it has already been done.

Our life is a direct reflection of what we most think about. If we focus our attention on the absence of things, more absence will show up in our reality. By switching to the belief that we are secure, provided for, and loved, we will immediately attract more of this into our reality.

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