I Love You Like Unicorns And Ice Cream

I love you like unicorns and ice cream. Hard to explain. Harder to believe. The possibilities are endless. In this vast universe and out of the millions, I met you. Love was never easy but to love someone like you is not impossible.

I love you like unicorns, unique in a very special way. You are who you are. In every way, I feel honored and blessed to have you.

I love you like ice cream, a frozen dessert made of cream and whatever ingredient that adds to its flavor. It can be strawberry, mango, chocolate, watermelon, rocky road, cookies and cream or maybe even bacon. It can be eaten in a cup or in a cone or with pancakes or with cookies. But it’s not ice cream without the ice. You are the ice. No matter what life brings me, having you makes life more interesting.

I love you like unicorns, a magical and powerful mystery. I don’t know everything about you but I believe in you because you give me that awesome feeling that no one else can.

I love you like ice cream, a sweet blend of flavorful imagination. You’re the right combination of wild, mean, weird, smart, sexy and cute. You drive me crazy. I love everything about you, even when you can be cold.

I love you like unicorns, beautifully described in literature. People can only read about them. I can write about how I can and want to love you hoping that I can touch your heart in ways that inspire you and make you smile because your smile inspires me.

I love you like ice cream, cools me in the warm weather and brightens me up in the cold weather. When I hate the world, I have something to love. I have you.

I love you like unicorns, a symbol of purity and grace. You’re an unexpected blessing and an answer to my prayers. Miracles DO happen.

I love you like ice cream, my favorite dessert. I’d always choose you. You make me happy.

I love you like unicorns, strong, beautiful and powerful. My strength and weakness, you make the best in me better and the worst in me acceptable. The things I try to hide come flying out. You’ve made me believe anything is possible.

I love you like ice cream. No one can stand between me and my ice cream. It’s my comfort food. I can have it however I want and I get to choose the flavor and combine it with whatever I want. Your flaws and imperfections perfectly fit and when I think of love, I think of you.

I love you like unicorns. To know them is to love them. Every little thing I know and learn about you, good or bad, make me love you more. I will keep learning about you.

I love you like ice cream, cold and sweet at the same time and created with perfection. There are so many ways to make ice cream. Every flavor is worth the try. There are so many ways to love you. You are worth more than all the ways I have loved you.

I love you like unicorns, mythical creatures. Although its existence has not been verified, it has been described differently by many people. You’re the kind of experience people wait lifetimes for.

Ice cream can be made anywhere and anytime. Whether the weather is cold or hot, anyone can have it. I love you like ice cream. No time and space nor circumstance can keep me from loving you.

Maybe unicorns don’t really exist, but in one way or the other they have changed my life. There are many things I haven’t seen yet. Maybe they do exist. I love you like unicorns. Without enough proof or explanation, they continue to live on and create something worth believing in. I’m not sure why people believe in them or why people try so hard to define them or prove their existence but I like to believe that there’s a reason they do. There’s a reason I was lead to you. There’s a reason we met. I believe in you. I choose to.

I don’t think you’re the most beautiful thing in the world. Like unicorns and ice cream, you make the world and everything in it beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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