Confessions Of A Hopeless Romantic

Love through faith, never at first sight. There’s a fine line between being romantic and being sweet. Being sweet is just being nice or thoughtful depending on the state or inclination of the recipient. Being romantic entails selfless passion and intense emotion. It dares to sweep you off your feet. It dares to love.

You can’t have everything. That’s how the world works. Sometimes, things just don’t turn out the way you plan or the way you want it. You grow through the struggles and learn from mistakes. What you have loses its value if you keep chasing what you don’t have. If you know love, you know that loving and putting yourself first is very important.

In a world full of useless, terribly invasive things like heartbreak, the smell of sweat and morning breath, and truck drivers who hoot at you when you walk past, good things still exist. Say, for example, the promise of forgiving little hurts and big hurts and hurts that change the landscape of your world-view forever, without antecedent apologies. Closure without explanations. Beginnings without endings and endings without start agains.

This is your wake up call. There is so much more to life and love. For you to understand what life really means and to know what love is, you need to look closer, understand and seek the truth behind every smile, tears, laugher, every sigh, every good and bad happening around. If nothing seems clear then maybe you need a change of perspective. Perspective counts more than anyone knows. What you see from the streets may not be the same for someone on top of a building or inside a car. Looking at something with love will make that big of a difference.

Some things are not meant to be understood but it must be fully accepted with no gray areas and no blurred lines, just a clear vision and passion for what you want. There are circumstances where you can’t see through. You may make unnecessary and preventable mistakes that may cause permanent damage. It gets very frustrating and depressing. Walking in faith leads to the right people and right place. Seek to accept with faith and trust that things happen for a reason. Many have chosen to walk by faith and refuse to see but every now and then the unexpected happens.

They say love is blind. You may refuse to believe that. You will use it as an excuse to justify whatever mess you are in. Truth is love is not blind because it sees beyond the imperfections. Whether you realize what is and what is not, you are given the choice to do what you really want.

Life is way too short to not appreciate what you have. What they see may not be perfect but a heavy dose of reality is preferable than a lie. Beauty may be skin deep but love makes even the ugliest most unacceptable flaws to some, beautiful. That’s what love is, unconditional and unattached. When you love more, you accept more.

If it matters fight for it. Sitting around and wondering what could happen is time wasted on what will never be if you don’t act. Do everything with love and intense passion.

Dear you with your panda eyes, with the voice that used to curl around the syllables of my name like a thousand incandescent fireflies waiting to catch fire and take flight, you were a disaster waiting to happen. But I will always be grateful for you.

I won’t reach for the moon, the stars, or the sun nor will I offer them to you. I won’t try to spell your name with the constellations. I won’t waste my time counting the stars and wishing on all of them for you to be mine. But to the One who created them, I humbly pray. Let your nights be brighter, your mornings happier, and your days be more meaningful.

I won’t give you my heart. I won’t die for you to prove my love. I won’t make you my reason for living and my soul won’t be yours for the taking. But to the One who gave life to you and me, I offer my all; a love without condition, a lifetime to take care of His great blessings, a vow to always honor.

I won’t conquer the world. I won’t fight to win your heart. I won’t walk a thousand miles, climb the highest mountains or swim the deepest seas to be with you. But to the One who led me to you, I am thankful. No life is perfect. But in His perfect time and through His perfect love, I found you.

One of the most annoying silly things about me right now is the fact that I love you knowing that I shouldn’t because I can’t have you because things might just hurt you. I love you. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to have the power to hurt you.

You can love me too but I shouldn’t try to change your mind. I wouldn’t dare to change your heart. I love you. Society won’t accept that. The whole world will tell me to back off but your smile can shut out the rest of the world because you become my world and nothing else matters. You matter.

I won’t forget. How can I not remember, when every heartbeat reminds me of you. Everything about you says I can. I want to. I want you. Don’t even ask me how or why. I dare to love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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