5 Ways To Tell You’re An Extremely Awkward Human Being (From Experience)

Flickr / Maxwell GS
Flickr / Maxwell GS

Honestly it can happen. Many people just turn out to be awkward, but usually they just “grow out of” that phase like in some of today’s comedy films. However some of us like me are born to be awkward, physically and emotionally. Here are five signs that can tell you if you’re Super Awkward.

1. You’re body structure is strange.

Honestly, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. However some people see that you have a funny walk. You could be like me where your 15 years old and taller than most adults including your parents.

2. You’re hard to communicate with.

You just met this cute guy or girl; you have a crush on each other. Of course though he or she’s friends tell you that they have a hard time talking to you. This can happen to regular people, but once it happens more than just a “few times”, it could be a sign.

3. You don’t get invited often or at all to anything.

This can be tough for people, especially when you’re in high school or college. The next day at school everyone’s talking about how awesome or great the party was. A few close friends ask why you didn’t go. Maybe it’s just due to your difficulty to talk, or that they believe you’ll ruin the mood that they don’t invite you.

4. Whenever you try to tell jokes or talk people respond strangely.

This is a common occurrence. Whenever you tell a joke it becomes quiet and everyone looks at you with a strange face, but then a friend tells it and everyone laughs.

5. People talk about “how awkward you are” or tell it straight to your face.

When you have your co-workers, friends, or classmates tell you this it is a one-hundred percent sign that you’re awkward. I have had many people tell me this or have even had them talking behind my back about the subject.

Matter of the subject is, if your awkward just embrace it. This website helped me overcome some of the hurdles of being awkward. And to my fellow friends and classmates, I don’t care what you think of me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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