Sluts Deserve To Be Shamed

Here’s the bottom line. No hidden meaning, no other way to put it. This is straightforward and straight to the damn point. If you have sex with a lot of people, you’re nasty. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. You’re nasty and that’s just how I feel. I don’t care if you don’t like me because of it.

I don’t care if it’s 2015 because it’s a fucking year, and that doesn’t determine who you sleep with. I don’t give a flying cockroach’s dick bone if you say I’m slut shaming because I think it’s shameful to be a slut. I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman because you’re still a slut if you sleep with multiple people.

When you have multiple partners, all I see are the STDs you may have or may get in the future. Nasty, disgusting, absolute yuck-factor. When you have multiple partners, I see your lack of worth because anyone can get what you’re offering. How cheap. I mean, I can get what you’re giving and so can that person over there and that one over there? Why should I want that? You’re overused goods. When you have multiple partners, I see you care more about instant gratification than actually making sure you don’t turn up making a baby with some stranger. Again, nasty. That poor STD baby.

You want equal rights for men and women? Here you go. You all get equal shame. You get equal amounts of disgust from me and other people. You get equally bad images of your private parts turning odd colors and rotting off because your genitals constantly touch someone else’s.

Oh you loved them at the time? So? You obviously make bad decisions about who you’re with if you loved all twenty of those men/women you slept with within the last few years. Oh you felt a connection? Great, do you feel it now that it’s over? Knowing what you know about them now, would you still have slept with all of them based on that connection? Were they just really hot? That’s great. How are those genital warts feeling because you sleep with anything that’s attractive?

Don’t sit in your little corner and cry that people are judging you and slut shaming you. You are a slut, so why aren’t you ashamed? Your sex life is public enough for people to judge you, so why are you crying about what you clearly either aren’t hiding or you can’t hide? Want to know whom I’ve slept in the past? You won’t find out because I don’t feel the need to broadcast my sex life then cry if someone knows how many people I’ve been with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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