Social Media Isn’t Ruining Our Generation, It’s Revealing It

Social media is good for your soul. Those words have definitely never been said together before, but they should be. As much as the older generations want to believe that technology is destroying the authenticity of living life and that young people these days are morbidly obsessed with their phones, they aren’t seeing what’s really going on

When I scroll through Facebook out of pure boredom or maybe even out of habit, I’m not seeing worthless pictures and status’s about what people ate for dinner. What I’m seeing is real joy. The smiling selfie of two friends who just had an amazing day together, the picture of the delicious looking dessert that just brought an excited foodie to tears, and the engagement status of a happy couple splattered across your computer screen.

The thing about social media is that people aren’t posting pictures of themselves as they cry and eat a tub of ice cream post breakup or a status about how much they hate puppies. People are posting the best and happiest moments in their lives for others to see. So when I scroll through these feeds, I’m getting the beautiful opportunity of seeing happiness and young life. Your friends want to share the joyful moments in their lives with you, however simplistic, and that’s a real privilege.

Yes, I’ll admit there are some ridiculous things being posted on social media that can be a complete waste of time. While no one cares if you just ate a whole box of pizza on your own, most things ARE worth sharing. Even if it’s a video of a cat sitting on the toilet, because the odds are anyone willing to watch will have a smile on their face. So instead of aimlessly scrolling through your social media feeds waving off yet another selfie from your friends cruise to the Bahamas, take it in, enjoy the happiness, and take note because these social media obsessed young people ARE living. If they choose to share these moments on Instagram (even though posting more than once a day is obviously social suicide) than that’s okay. Spreading happiness is merely a mitzvah.

Keep doing your thing young people and don’t let anyone tell you Facebook stalking your high school friends on a Saturday night is a bad thing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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