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Some Of The Characters Who Work Out At My Gym

I work out almost every day at a small gym shared by homeowners at a loft complex where I live in downtown Atlanta. At any given time there are anywhere between zero and seven people in there using the free weights or the cardio equipment.

I Liveblogged A Murder Mission In ‘Skyrim’

Where I saved last night I find myself standing on a platform and the wind is blowing all muffled sometimes as if onto a microphone and there is music like you are about to go on a horse ride to somewhere you’ve never been with someone you sort of like.

The Top 10 Worst Radiohead Songs

Is the high-pitched head-voice the only voice Thom Yorke remembers how to use ever now when saying actual words besides the ooh-ooh? I feel like if this song were written in the 1400s they would have strung the dude on the rack to see if he sounded like that then, too.

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