Don’t Fall And Stay Broken

You’re going to get hurt several times in life, that’s inevitable. But, what do you do to change it? You fall, you get your heartbroken, you feel alone, you’re genuinely hurt, you fail, and feel as if there is nothing in the world that can change that. Your life as you know it feels like it’s ending- but sis, it isn’t. In that moment, you have to pull yourself through. You are your own savior.

Don’t be that girl who allows pain to consume her. You may feel like you’re stuck in the dark and there’s nothing you can do to shake that, but you need to seek self-love. Love yourself always. Don’t let anyone take your heart and smash it. No one deserves that power. Be that bold woman you were meant to be, and own it.

You are your own person with your own dignity and strength. Never again will you allow anyone to define who you are. People can be so nasty and hurtful, so find the real raw people in life. They are the ones who give you hope in the future. Find genuine conversations and gut-wrenching laughter. Learn to search for people who make you feel whole again and find your inner circle.

Take some time to yourself and heal. Don’t jump to the next best thing, allow your wounds to seal and then try again. You will fall and you will compare your life to others who seem happier, but let me tell you something, everyone has their own demons. Someday you will meet someone who will give you their hand and want to stand beside you, let them. Life is too short to continue being broken.

Open your hearts to new adventures and figure out why those things happened. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people, let god handle it. Accept the pain and learn from it. It may seem as if someone purposefully tried to break you, but that’s not true. If it is, vengeance is for the weak and karma will come to them individually. Rise above it. Allow your soul to find its purpose and live your life.

Even if you are alone, make your happiness a priority. Take a vacation, cry it out,  let your hair down, find your own peace.  Surround yourself around people who do love you, it is ok to take time. Take all the time you need to heal, just remember, your life will never get better if you stay broken. So eat that box of chocolate, get that revenge bod after- but do it for yourself. CHANGE is good and only you can choose your future. Find it within and stand tall. You got this girlfriend, never forget how strong a hurt woman can become.

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