I Am Filled With Nothingness

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The cold nostalgia
Gripping my heart
Tearing it apart
Into tiny little pieces
Each of which belongs
To a broken dream
Of people who were not
As they seemed
Or of stars that twinkled
Through the night
While I held
My pillow tight
In my iron grip that slacked
When it came to my composure.

The cold nostalgia
That sends chills
Down to the core
Reminding you of happy moments
Of people who aren’t there anymore
And then you sit back and cry
Like I
Have done for years before
Now my tears all have dried
And there are not any more.

The cold nostalgia
That brings you tears
Brings back to me
My old fears
It cherishes reminders
Of times gone past
Of broken ties, of shattered promises
Of things that didn’t last
And then I sit back and sigh
Because these are things for which
I don’t even cry.

The cold nostalgia
That hurts you to the core
Brings with it my fears
And nothing more
The loneliness that fills you now
Has not met me in months somehow
The nostalgic memories that make you cry
Are the ones that make me sigh
And I am filled with nothingness once more
Being once believed in the lore
When the charm breaks
Nothing is left behind
Things get lost
In the sands of time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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