Identifying A Man Who Only Wants To Sleep With You


Men with bad intentions have various dimensions, but there is one dichotomy that is particularly frustrating to most women. This dichotomy resides in a man’s personality and is divided between the man who just wants sex, and the man who knows he’s not going to get anything.

The half of the man who just wants to sleep with a woman will emerge early on, most likely in the honeymoon phase of the pseudo-relationship, or relationship. This is when the male alters his identity to win the woman over. He exhibits the following behavior: wining and dining, romantic almost clingy texts that express longing and desire, outward declarations of “feelings”, overwhelming attention, compliance, and small, almost clichéd morsels of affection. After all of this, a woman will feel compelled to compensate these feelings back in her own actions, or will simply be at awe at how much she seems to be cherished. Either way, she will probably be emotionally skewed in his favor.

Men seeking a relationship can do the things above, however the key distinguishing characteristic that separates bad intention from good intention is the extent to how closeted they want to keep the relationship. In groups of friends, he will sit nowhere in the proximity of the woman who he expressed his false emotion to and give no inkling to anyone that anything more than friendship exists. However, as soon as everyone disappears he will continue his rampage of insincere affection away from prying eyes. This can cause the woman to wonder if he just wants to keep in private, or if he wants something else.

In this confusing phase, he will try to sleep with her, and when he denies him that is when the second half of the dichotomy rears its ugly head. Here comes the side of the man who is fully aware that he is not going to get anything, also known as the real man. Now that he knows there is no chance of him getting his sexual desires fulfilled, the façade can fall away and he can, at last, be himself. If not a gradual fade, this change is usually an instantaneous slap in the face. Everything good this he did will be replaced by negativity as he pushes her away and prepares to vanish. The woman will be perplexed by this shift in behavior and will wonder if there a deeper reason behind it and hope will all her heart that it wasn’t her but something else.

Once all his sweetness melts away and it will be very bitter on her side as well as his. She will be wondering if any of it was real, convincing herself that she should have known better, and trying not to care. His anger will lie in a fruitless investment of time, as he searches for someone else to satisfy is carnal cravings.

Proceed with caution ladies. Although it is almost impossible to decipher men, it is true that some guys only want one thing. Thankfully, there a good ones out there to make up for the men who only want to sleep with you. TC Mark

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