Allow Your Heart The Chance To Love Without Fear

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Isn’t it inevitable that whenever we find ourselves smitten with someone that we begin to foster fear within ourselves? We don’t have a guarantee of what is bound to happen next. Will it bear fruit? Or will it be the tide that turns us into the cynical beings that already exist in our midst?

We’ve always been taught to be cautious, to measure the temperature of the water with the tip of our toes, to look both sides before crossing the street. We’re taught to be so conscious; to be aware of judgment and to uphold the standards of society.

When we achieve these things, our egos enlarge to the size of the Moon. When we fail, it shrinks to the size of raisins and we find ourselves swallowed by the ground just wanting to hide from the face of the earth.

That factor is always going to present. It’s a lingering feeling you’d always want to get rid of. It’s there in the most important and nerve-wracking moments when you need it least.

In every thought, in every bright possibility, there’s a shadow that fear casts on its outcome. The question is: How do you believe in something that’s seemingly unbelievable?

When we love, we have to set aside the fear. There’s always going to be the possibility of a broken heart, shattered confidences and lost pride. But why have so much done it and succeeded? We have to take the jump and to not look back.

For once, let yourself be young and reckless and dive into the unknown and figure out then what you’re about to do next.

Love means knowing it may never pan out, but knowing that the process of figuring out whether it could, can be the greatest adventure.

Allow yourself to open up, to be vulnerable, to be weak in the presence of the person you love. Give yourself the chance to listen to your heart, to fight the fear, to fight for someone.

Your flaws are perfect for the heart that is meant to love you.

Hold in the nerves, hold in the utter disbelief, and let awe take over.

Love is taking the jump, over and over again for the same person. Love is believing that one day they’ll feel the same. Love is taking their hand and pulling them into the unknown with you. Love is not knowing what to expect but feeling safe whenever they’re around. Love means looking at ordinary things in your life differently, because all of a sudden, you are reminded of the person you’ve fallen for. Love is changing because of them, for the better. Love is quitting what used to be comfortable, to make way for new things to begin with them.

Love, simply put, is to give yourself, to give your heart, a chance. If you let fear in, you’re only going to hinder yourself from loving fully, and loving truly.

Expect there to be pain, expect there to be stress and doubt. Expect and know that all these are part and parcel of loving and hopefully being loved in return.

Don’t ever let fear affect your decisions, love who you love and never regret. It is never wrong to be scared especially because love is a gamble. Love means looking at ordinary things in your life differently, because all of a sudden, you are reminded of the person you’ve fallen for.

As they say, the hardest things to come by are often the ones we are most thankful for.

So love without a hint of fear, because imagine how terrifying life would be without them? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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