Your Soul

What Your Soul Is Trying To Tell The Part Of Your Brain That Worries

You have a quiet within you that sleeps inside your bones, that stirs within your heart, but you rarely notice it. Take a minute to truly think —  when was the last time you were fully present? In a moment, in a feeling, in a state of mind. When was the last time you left the excess behind? The last time you tucked yourself away from outer stimulation and distraction, from the sights and the sounds, the confusions that you tend to noose around your veins until you feel torn down.

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Let it go.

Understand that you are more than just a body you’re a soul, and what’s good for the body isn’t always good for the whole because we tend to lose control in the idea of our presence. We touch but we don’t feel. We speak but we don’t connect. We strive for moments of validity but there’s always a regret, a deeper calling, a thirst within our cells for silence. Our minds seek a connection with that quiet, with the awareness that you are so much bigger than this room, than this city, than anything around you.

Do you understand? What you are made of? The very stars combust in the night sky with the same atoms that make up your mind. The trees breathe the same air as you do, the very salt of your skin is the same salt that crashes against shorelines due to the turning of the moon. Can you feel that? The nature within you? The one you forget about when your mind starts to race, when the tribulations of your days gets the best of your grace and your gratitude. Take a step back. Get out of your head and into your body. Can you feel that? Against the dryness of your bones? It’s a stillness that speaks from your soul, that removes you from all the ways you get lost in a maze of detachment.

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Stop doing. Stop thinking. Stop anticipating.

And surrender. Surrender yourself to the beating of your heart, to the most carnal representation of the strength and the vitality you hold within yourself. Start here. For every time you feel the thud of its presence against your ribcage, I urge you to think: This is my liveness, pounding within me, at this very moment, in which I will never get back. And every time you allow your mind to take you away from the awareness you find inside remember: Your hands will never feel this again. Your ears will never hear this again. Your cells will never ignite like this again. So connect. Connect with the physicality of your nature. Of your stillness. Of your moment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark