We Don’t Have Much Time So Love Me As Best You Can Right Now


Wrap your legs around me
Pull me in
Let my tongue graze your neck
Clasp your nails into my back

Time is so precious here

Bang my head against the headboard
Let the gasps and moans escape my lips and travel down the hallway
Press into me
Push against me as if you want to merge into me

Moments like this are always short lived

Spank me
Bite me
Tease me
Kiss me

We don’t have much time left

Pull my hair and let me see your most vulnerable parts
Let me make your face morph into a collage of pleasure
I want to place my fingerprints into every crevice of you
I want to hear your orgasm rip through you

You came to me for a refill
A reminder of what you are capable of
That the appendage between your legs still has a purpose
And that you still have an appetite that can’t be pleased

That was six months ago
Our hunger has turned into gluttony
And our gluttony into lust
And back again

Your hunger became my pleasure
And my pleasure became your source of validation

She’s almost home you know

My appetite takes a lot longer to wane
Show me you still know how to satisfy a woman
Shove yourself deeper into me
And let my shivers mount into screams
Turning my orgasm into a song you want to hear on repeat

You should be proud of yourself
Two women at once to satisfy you

But I know who’s the real winner here

Because when your wife comes home
And desperately begs you to prove you still love her
I know it’s my face you’ll be banging against the headboard. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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