10 Reasons Why Going To The Movies Is Still Magical


Forget the dinner, this girl just needs the show. Few things in life can oh-so-consistently make me take pause, power down the mobile, and keep me (sorta) quiet like seeing a film and crunching popcorn kernels under my shoes with complete strangers.

1. The Treats

Is this my last meal or just a matinee? It’s as if Satan hand selected these sweet and salty snacks, and ooooh did someone just mention Milk duds?

2. Dressing it up or Down

Sweatpants? Date night garb? Dress as you wish, as you flip your chair down knowing that you sit atop a velvet-red throne dressed as comfy or as formal as you see fit for this flick.

3. Who’s who?

In this snow globe of popcorn and storytelling you may never actually get to know the people around you, but you will be on this 128 minute (official runtime) journey together to laugh, cry, or silently judge the guy’s chuckle in aisle 3.

4. The Previews

Wow, this is a like…um…a lot better than watching movie trailers on my phone. Now I get to know the up and coming and emotional plot line of the latest “who’s who” before anyone else can “have you heard about?” me.

5. The moment when the lights go down

Who hit the dimmer? The potential of what I’m about to see is making my heart take flight and flutter. It’s go time and it’s show time. Lean into your seat and let’s do this thing.

6. A story

Look around. You are surrounded by strangers who felt moved enough to spend $13 + (depending on your zip code) and opt out of their latest online binge fest to share this moment with little old you.

7. The Whispers

Few times in life is whispering more appropriate, or quite as fun as in the theatre. While some may shy away from speaking at all during a film, there are some “Who is that actor?” and “No seriously what is that guy from?” questions that just need to be answered before your next handful of Swedish Fish.

8. Feeling something outside your own emotions

Yes I cried when those that were meant to be just couldn’t be, and yes I laughed at the perfect timing of that predictable physical comedic joke. Even if it’s not a documentary, no one can deny the emotions I’ve had towards these characters in this made up story, in a made up place aren’t completely and 100% totally authentic.

9. America’s favorite pastime

I get the modern day popularity of streaming content, instant downloads, and gotta-have-it-now’s. But there’s something about a still night in a mysteriously dim theatre that revs my popcorn-powered engine.

10. The Credits

Let the “So what did you think’s” begin because it’s time to play critic. Review away, and proudly put those thumbs up or down. Bonus points for films with bloopers in the credits that leave you doing the half walking/half just standing-looking-at-the-screen thing on the way out the door.

Now what’s coming out this weekend?? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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