6 Things Not To Say To People Who Recently Got Their MBA Degree


1. You can finally have a boyfriend now!

OK, so the past three years have been hard since almost all my weeknights were spent at school and most of my weekends were spent at Starbucks studying or finishing case studies. And maybe, sure, I used grad school as an excuse to why I am still single. But maybe it was a good thing that I was single during those times because it would have been so much harder for me to juggle school and work with an attention-seeking boyfriend by my side. And now that it’s all over, it’s probably going to hit me hard that I have no one to spend my weeknights and weekends with! I can’t “date” my Finance text books anymore, unfortunately. So please, stop with the pressuring.

2. If you have just dedicated your time to take up a law degree instead, you’re probably a lawyer now.

FYI people, not everyone wants to be a lawyer. Please don’t tell me that I should have taken up law instead, like you’re telling me that I wasted my time and money and I should regret my decision. I knew I wanted to have an MBA degree when I was young. Like law students, or maybe all grad school students in general, MBA students also get a fair share of reading, analysis, and lambasting in front of everyone.

3. So, you’re probably super rich now!

Gosh, I wish. This is probably one of the most common misconceptions since we wear proper corporate attire every day, act formal most of the time and only order Americano. But you’re too naïve to think that a business degree will automatically make you richer. You just have the knowledge and capabilities to improve on your status, but success or getting rich is a combination of your skills and opportunity – and it can’t be achieved over night.

4. Can you tell me where I should invest my money?

This question is complicated, and it doesn’t have just one ultimate answer. I may tell you that you could put it in a bank’s time deposit or invest it in stocks, but see there should be more elements to be analyzed like your risk appetite, liquidity requirements, interest rates and economic forecasts, among others. Are you an aggressive or conservative investor? Will you need the money in the near future? This is going to be a lengthy conversation, and is not really a good topic for small talk every time you run into me in the elevator. Perhaps it would be better to consult your personal financial advisor.

5. When are you getting your PhD?

The idea of getting those three letters at the end of my name may be tempting, but I just finished three gruelling years of studying business. Maybe, I don’t know, I can rest for a while and catch up with, oh I don’t know, life?

6. You’re getting a promotion, for sure!

Gosh, I wish (again). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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