Your Relationship Status As Determined By His Hand Placement On Your Back

1. Head

When a guy puts his hand on your head, he’s probably too shy to make any contact, because you two are not exactly chums. Or maybe he’s someone you know from the past but you’re not entirely sure if you’re still friends now, but you bumped into him in the mall – and you find out that you’re both going to the same shop, but he really doesn’t want to walk with you, so he puts his hand on your head while walking because he needs you to walk faster.

Guys, just… just don’t, OK? I know you’re all taller than me, but just don’t.

2. Upper Back

Putting his hand on your upper back is a clear friendly gesture. You may well know each other already for him to initiate such contact. I know most guys do this to me because it’s a polite way of walking with me while making sure that I don’t trip, or slip, or fall.

3. Shoulder

I’m actually not sure about this one. A guy’s hand on your shoulder can have so many meanings – too many, it’s actually vague. Probably this is the reason why sometimes other girls take this as a sign that a guy likes her. They may be right, though, especially when the guy makes the “move”:  fakedly stretching, only to rest his arms on the shoulder of his date who is sitting beside him. Classic.

On the contrary, though, a hand on your shoulder may also mean a totally different thing: dude. It may only be a “bro hug” just the way he puts his hand around his buddies when they joke around, or make fun of something, or talk about something gross like all boys do. Next time you see him, might as well pump fists or bump chests because you’re officially one of the boys now.
So, yeah, a hand on the shoulder may be in the limbo of non-verbal gestures. I suppose you have to carefully study the context before you assume anything.

4. Waist

OK, this is probably one of the clearest. He. Is. Into. You. It’s probably a signal for other guys to back off because you are already his. Or you’re probably already a couple and he wants you to be by his side. Congratulations.

5. Lower Back

It’s my personal favorite when a guy puts his hand on the small of my back. I guess as the position of the hand on the back becomes lower, its meaning becomes deeper. It’s not as friendly as the upper back, but not as official as the waist. It’s an avenue for flirting, for talking closely, for testing the waters, and for deciding whether to slide his hand up or further down.

6. Derriere

Can it be any more obvious? A hand on your booty doesn’t need any explanation at all. It’s never platonic. He wants you, he can’t get enough of you, and merely looking at you won’t satisfy him.

Translation: it’s ON. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – david55king

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