I Know You’re Heartbroken, But Someday You’ll Find A Love Like This

I want you to know that better things will come—better days, better guys, a better life. You deserve better than the one who brings tears to your eyes. You deserve the one who fights to make you smile.

I know he left a hole in your heart and you felt led on for days, weeks, months, years. You spent countless hours waiting on him and hoping for change to come, but let me tell you something.

The right one for you won’t leave you waiting like an open-ended question with silence as the answer. He won’t leave you perpetually wondering about “what ifs” and “maybe whens”. He won’t give you the silent treatment or give you what you want to hear as a temporary fix, leading you to hope for a change that will never happen.

The right one for you will be so excited to spend life with you that you won’t doubt for a second how to plan for the future. He’ll make sure you know that he’ll be there for you and that there’s not a minute apart that he’s not thinking about you. He’ll enjoy getting to know you just as much as spending time with you, and before you know it, you’ll have achieved more together with each other’s support and you’ll continue to grow together through life.

The right one for you will care about the little things. He’ll get to know every freckle on your face, the way your nose crinkles when you smile. He’ll buy you your favorite candy when you’re stressed and pick up your favorite wine for your midweek vent, but most of all, he’ll remind you that you can pull through because you’re the strongest person he knows.

The right one for you will be your number one fan. He’ll love you for the things you’re too shy to do and encourage you to do more simply because he knows it’s what’s true about you. He wouldn’t ever want to change you and will always be proud of you, even for your smallest, most private achievements.

The right one for you will make sure that you know that he puts you first. You needn’t doubt for a second his loyalty in hard times. You are second to no one, and he will be serious about you as his partner. More importantly, he’ll teach you to put yourself first too and to love you for you.

The right one for you will want you every single day. It’s that simple. If he doesn’t want you now, he’s not worth you wanting him ever. Because the right one won’t put you on the back burner or put others before you or make you question if he wants you. He will take you seriously when you talk of dreams and goals and will strive to support you in achieving them. He’ll be your rock, your calm; he’ll be the fire to your passions and the water to your soul.

I want you to know that I can’t wait for when you find the one that’s right for you. Because he’s out there, and when the Universe finally lets you meet, it’ll be like stars colliding into dust to create an even brighter light made by the two of you together. The right one for you will only help you shine brighter, never dim your light.

I want you to know that I admire you for walking away when you realized you weren’t getting what you deserved. Never lower your bar for anyone. The right one will take up the challenge of meeting your needs, and he won’t bat an eye because he’ll care for you.

Sometimes things have to fall apart for better things to come together. Trust and believe in yourself and your worth—the right one will love every dark corner and shining part that makes you who you are.

You are strong, and you are beautiful. Most of all, you deserve someone who loves all the worst chapters of you as much as they love your best, like an underrated book with no cover. As even without all your makeup or your hair undone, he’ll wake up knowing that you’re the best person that’s ever come into his life, and he’ll work hard every day to make sure that you know it.

I’ve learnt hiding from our traumas doesn’t free us, we must share.

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