girl going through recovery

Find The Motivation To Make It Through Recovery

I was so lost

Reliving all my pain each day

Replaying it like a horror movie in my head

Drinking to quiet the din of my mind

Allowing myself to stay in a destructive cycle and never seeing a way out


It can move us to be better

It can be sneaky and quiet

Hiding in the back of our minds

Moving our thinking into mindsets and situations that cause us pain

Uncovering these motivations

What is pushing you

In a positive and negative way

Shows you all aspects of yourself

We walk around every day

Thinking all the decisions we make are for our best interests

Motivated by god intentions

But so many have underlying emotions





It’s hard to look at yourself and see what has influenced your choices.

Once you do you can see who is in control

Who is in the driver’s seat

I want to change how we think about recovery

This current model

The model where you’re stuck in a house of mirrors

Constantly faced with each moment you regret

Labelling yourself broken each day

Defining your life by your past

I want to change that narrative

Take back the reins

And redefine what our lives can be

Our past needs recognition

It needs to be acknowledged

But it doesn’t need to keep defining us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark