Your Downfalls Will Not Be Your Destruction

Igor Cancarevic / Unsplash

One day you’re going to wake up seeing the people around you morph into a better version of who they were before. Come to think of it, things have changed. You see yourself stuck. Stuck and wondering “why am I still at this point in my life” or “why are things not going the way I wanted it to be?”

we tend to expect and expect yet we become disappointed and unsatisfied with ourselves because we compare our lives with the lives of others. We hold on to that grudge and become stuck thinking why we can’t become that person. Why is it difficult to reach social standards and our SELF standards to the very least of the person we are right now.

Work with what you have at hand, don’t go rush into changing the things you already have greatly and end up not knowing if that is what you really want. Focus on what you have, the good things about you can become something greater than just a something that defines you as a person. You have talents or hobbies; maybe you’d even have both of them.

The best way is to become better at these things and do more than what you have been doing. Accept that what you have is what makes you, you as a person and will make you a greater version of who you are because you have focused on these gifts and have not abandoned them by forcing to become who you’re not.

Don’t just accept the positive realms of yourself but also the negative side of you. Remember those downfalls in the past, yes, you do have to let go of those past mistakes and problems, but never let go of the lessons that gave you strength. Embracing your downfall is one of the best favors you can do for yourself because going through the roughest roads in your life, you’re here wanting to grow more and become the best version of you. Remember the things that made you fall, ask yourself “what kept me going?” and this is not just because of this and that.

But it is because you still have that ego inside of you to push you further and make you a mature person. Never think of your downfall as a flaw but think of it as your greatest turning point. There are times we feel less of who we are. But tend to forget the good qualities we have within us. One mistake or multiple ones doesn’t make us less of the person we strive to be. So keep on going, keep working with the best parts of you and conquer all battles that come before you. TC mark


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