This Is What A Pure Heart Looks Like

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Zygimantas Trinka

What is a pure heart? You might envision a crystal or clean-like heart, or maybe an innocent or fully happy heart that is positive, strong, and whole. Where its pieces are together and are perfect in all shapes and form.

If you look closely and dig deeper, a pure heart is not in perfect condition, no heart is. It is a heart that has been through sorrow and passion, who has felt pain, anger, happiness, loneliness, and so much more.

It isn’t put together or well polished, but has a couple of cracks and scars on it. It is not innocent, but filled with experiences that it connects its beat to. It is strong and giving.

It is a heart that gives, and never asks for anything in return. It learns to pour its love and never stops no matter how painful or broken it is. It is willing to listen, to show genuine care and empathy to the people around it.

A pure heart is a heart that has warmth and comfort, that will make others feel cared for and in safe hands. This heart does not have a limit in giving, it does not limit welcoming others, and its doors will always be open for those who are in need.

A pure heart can be mistaken for being weak and foolish, because it’s always forgiving and giving away all its love away to people, whether they deserve it or not.

It can be doubted, because it opens the door to anyone and everyone. It is seen as easy and sensitive, because it thrives in precious or tragic moments, it values memories and is easily touched by simple gestures.

It is mistreated or taken advantage of, because of its inability to forgive no matter how big the mistake is, because of how much it will give and give even if nothing is giving back, because of its kindness and benevolence to others.

A pure heart is taken for granted, because it is always there for others.

But let me tell you this, the people being loved by you are experiencing the best feeling ever.

A pure heart is one of the best assets a person can have. It is precious and rare, at the same time strong and worthy. 

A pure heart cannot be taught in class, it cannot be instructed or read in a book — but you can inspire or encourage another person to have a pure heart like you do.

In simpler words, a pure heart is beautiful and hard to find, so keep it and be proud of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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