17 Things That Make A Strong, Independent Woman

Where are the women that stop you in your way, that amaze beyond belief and make you fall hopelessly in love with their minds, with their thoughts, with the wholeness of them? Where are these empowered goddesses that need no man, that seek no treasure other than those that reside within? Where can I find this woman, whose charm is beyond face, shape or matter?

Wherever you spot her, she:

1.  Is always rested and looks fresh and prepared for any encounter.

2. Does not cry or overreact if she feels she made a mistake.

3. Is always prepared and takes good care of herself inside and out.

4. Accepts situations as they arise and adapts to them.

5. Does not allow silly things to break down her confidence and resolve.

6. Does not dramatize or shifts from one extreme to the other.

7. Does not react upon her first impulse yet she analyses carefully before taking any action.

8. Has no unrealistic expectations of herself and of others.

9. Does not idolize in a relationship whether it is of love or friendship.

10. Does not give out of herself into a relationship where she isn’t given the same back.

11. has no practical need for a man rather than for emotional support and love.

12. Is not needy in any way but is rather graciously detached.

13. Is financially independent and responsible.

14. Knows her own value.

15. Knows how to handle herself in any situation.

16. Knows what she wants and what she is worth.

17. Is happy always and does not need her entourage to make her feel whole. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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