My Heart Does Not Ache For You Anymore

I came to realize my heart does not ache for anyone anymore—at least, not now and not for you. It does not wait around for you to come around and hold it. I reckon I am healed now, but no matter how perfectly healed I am, there are always days when you cross my mind and my heart crumples up again like a sheet of paper.

My heart does not ache for you anymore, but it gets lost thinking about times when you told me you loved me and broke me at the same time with all your lies. My heart does not ache for you anymore, but it remembers the sleepless nights talking to you, wishing you would always be by my side, times when you consoled me when I needed a good cry, times when you made me laugh. My heart does not ache for you anymore, but some days it questions: Why was I not worth fighting for? Why was it so easy for you to let me go without any explanation?

My heart does not ache for you anymore, but it still waits for you to notice me, to tell me that you can’t get me out of your head, that your heart rips apart thinking of me not being in your life, that you will always be by my side and help me build myself up.

Lately, I have realized that not everything you wish for is meant for you, so I guess you being with me was not meant to be. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but I guess life just goes on. Sometimes only imaginations won’t fulfill your reality, and some memories are better off being treasures. If it’s meant to be, it will be destined, but if it’s not, you move on hoping that there may come a day when someone would treasure you like the rarest gem, like the way you treasured that certain someone.

A seeker, learner and a dreamer.

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