To The One I Had To Leave

Thomas Kelley
Thomas Kelley

It wasn’t easy to decide. It wasn’t easy to choose to leave the comfortable life that we had created. Deciding to leave it was one of the most scary decisions to make.

I didn’t know if anyone would ever want me the way you wanted me. I didn’t know if anyone would ever look at me the way you did. I didn’t know if I would ever be loved so much.

Despite this, it was the correct decision to make. To leave you and move on.

For your sake and my sake.

You deserved better. You deserve someone who wants you the way you wanted me. You deserve someone who looks back at you the way you looked at me. You deserve someone who loves you back the way you loved me.

I deserved better. I deserve to be able to look  someone in the eye and have the same love that they have for me. I deserve someone who I want as much as he wants me.

So yes. I was selfish.

But I was selfless too.

I know that right now you feel that you can make do with what we he had, but to stay would mean for me to put in so much effort in to something that I have none left for anything else in my life.

There is so much that we both are yet to do in life. I had to let you go. I had to break away from the comfort. From the security blanket. From the life that we had created over the year.

I am sorry .

But I promise you that it will only get better now. For you and for me.

Everything happens for a reason and every story has an expiry date. You will one day love again just as I will. That day maybe a few months away, a year away or a few years away. But that day will come. You will meet someone who makes you feel like you’ve never felt before.

That is when you will look back and realise that none of us deserve a mediocre love . And that is when you will truly be at peace . And so will I.

That is when you will have finally forgiven me for having left you.

So yes I was selfish. But I was selfless too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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