How To Make My Ultimate Fantasy Football Draft Buffalo Chicken Dip

I love this time of year. Summer winds down towards fall — unequivocally the BEST season ever — and all across the country, friends gather for the sacred ritual of the fantasy football draft. I make this dish every year for our drafts and every time I take home platters that have been scraped clean. So, because I am a benevolent and kind foodie, I thought I’d share my recipe with you nice folks. I guarantee this will be a smash hit at your own fantasy football draft party!


1 12oz canned shredded chicken
1 8oz package cream cheese (leave out of fridge for at least 15 minutes to soften)
1/2 cup Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
1/2 cup Ott’s Original Wing Sauce
3/4 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
A pinch of parsley

1. Drain chicken and put it in a skillet on medium heat.

You’ll need to break up the chicken with a spatula; it’s already shredded, but you want it finely shredded (no chunks) and evenly dispersed in the skillet so as to heat all the way through.

2. Add wing sauce and coat chicken thoroughly.

Others have you add sauce and chicken at the same time but I’ve found this method works better and you’re less likely to burn the sauce. Stir the sauce throughout your shredded chicken until fully coated.

3. Add cream cheese.

This sounds easier than it is. Even with softened cream cheese, you’ll need to break this up too. I find the best way to do it is to use your spatula to cut the cream cheese brick into four or five pieces and move them each to a separate part of the skillet. This makes them melt faster and keeps your dip consistent. Stir until the cream cheese has melted into the mixture.

4. Add ranch dressing.

Your dip should be pretty gooey at this point so just stir until the ranch is mixed thoroughly.

5. Add shredded cheddar cheese.

Same deal. Evenly disperse, stir until cheese is melted. All ingredients should be warmed all the way through and well-blended.

6. Turn off heat, pour into serving dish, and garnish with parsley.

You can also add a little extra cheddar on top if you want an extra kick or if you plan to reheat at your destination. Serve with tortilla chips, veggies, crackers, or anything you want to put this delicious delicacy on.

Ta-da! You’ve now made the Ultimate Fantasy Football Draft Buffalo Chicken Dip. You are a god among your friends. People will sing songs of your dip throughout the ages.

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