18 Little Things He’ll Do When He’s Trying To Tell You How Much He Cares

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1. He shows the same affection towards you, that he shows in private, no matter who he’s around.

2. He holds your hand in public and it’s not possession, it’s partnership.

3. He will make you feel special on your birthday even when he can’t afford an expensive gift; because you’re both young and broke and trying to find your place in the world.

4. He does the dishes because he knows you hate the way the dishwater feels against your skin.

5. When you’re sick and can barely get out of bed, he takes care of the small important things in your life without telling you.

6. He paints the nails on your left hand because he knows you think it looks worse when you do it yourself.

7. He slips snacks into your purse on the days he knows you’ll forget to eat lunch.

8. When you argue, he doesn’t raise his voice because he knows it scares you.

9. He says sorry when he’s wrong and it sounds like an apology, not an excuse.

10. He forgives you for the little things – for the big ones too.

11. He asks you to pull over so he can drive because he can see it in your eyes that you are worn out and anxious.

12. He texts randomly to let you know he is “thinking of you.”

13. He replaces your sodas with water.

14. He keeps a spare hair tie in his wallet because somehow you always lose yours.

15. He calls to make sure you made t safely to certain places when he knows you’ll be driving for a while.

16. He asks if you need anything anytime he runs to the store.

17. He supports you with things that he doesn’t always agree with – because he knows it’s important to you.

18. He lets you speak and just listens, because he knows you don’t need someone to give you advice – just someone to be by your side. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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