I’m So Thankful We’re Healing Together

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I look up to you, not in the way a child looks up to their parent or the way a person looks up to an athlete or celebrity; no, I look up to you in the way the world looks up to an American Hero.

Proudly and without hesitation.

You endured traitorous love and you came out from the dark pits of hell that they had trapped you in, stronger than you were before they bruised and beat you into them. They took the inner most broken parts of you and tore them into pieces so small that they were almost impossible to find.

You isolated yourself from everyone and became a man of solitude only allowing yourself to eat, sleep, and work each day. You had no time for love. There was nothing missing in your life because you weren’t searching, you weren’t hoping, you were simply just going through the motions.

You were sad but never realized how much you needed a hand to pull you out of the sink hole you were slowly fading away in.

When I found you, you were timid and afraid to open your heart up to much of anything, but you let me in. Throughout the time we spent together, you took some time for self-reflection and opened yourself up to ideas and experiences that you had previously closed your life away from.

We have spent countless nights talking about our past, our future, and our life goals. With each conversation a broken piece of you would rise up from the dead, and each time a shattered piece of your soul would resurface, you would curl up on your bed, head under your pillow, swearing that you were okay as their harsh words and abrasive tones would replay in your mind. It took you months to open up about what was wrong, but once you did you were on the path to taking control of your life again

On your virtuous road to healing, you healed me too. I’d like to think we helped heal one another because as I saw you become stronger you inspired me to become stronger. As you became a man who no longer allowed his past to hold a power over him, you inspired me to be a woman who does the same.

So if you ever start to feel low or forget the progress that you have made. Look back on the last year and know that I look up to you, and I’m proud of you for all of it. I am proud of the man you are constantly changing into. I’m proud of the life you have begun to live. I’m proud of the fact that you finally believe in yourself. You are the person you’ve always been; the person before you lost yourself in the sadness and pain. Hand in hand we will walk towards the future embracing who we’ve been, who’ve we’ve become, and who we will grow into, and I couldn’t be more proud to do that with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing my wrongs, healing my heart, and nourishing my soul.

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